Mini market is one thing that can be the source of fund to support our activities financially. Selling all kind of products the people need for their daily life can provide us profit to be spent as donation for the poors and the aged. In that way with sufficient of fund we can give people more food packages for more days in more villages.



​Providing free extra classes (english, math and some other subjects) for school children in some villages is part of our activities to help goverment or the people to become smart students to be ready for higher educational level. This activity needs financial support to be paid for the teachers, furnitures and the classroom itself. 


​This is going to be our main goal to build houses that will accomodate all the orphans we found on the streets who work and struggle for their own life as children. We are going to get them from their poor relatives to give them a better life and better future. We send them to school and provide the good and healthy food. We are going to need a huge amount of fund to finance the activity. 


​The second big goal is to build a normal school and university for everybody. Business and charity as one. This is going to be a normal universty for those who are capable financialy to study there because the will university or school fee to be paid during the study, but not for those who come from the poor family to get education equity. This could be the source of fund and charity for children from the poor families.   



Donating food packages for the poor families and the ageds are the thing we are willing to do as many time as we can. As the first program at this time we intend to deliver food packages to them in many different places in different villages in Lombok every month. In the future we want to do it every week depends on our financial capability. 


​This cooperation is a place where the local can have a financial support to help them developing their small business. This can be the source of funds to support our activities. People can get loan to support their small business with just a little interests that need to be paid back to our institution. If they can not pay their loan back due to any reason, the loan can be waived and turned in to donation to the poor families, the orphans or the aged.

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