1. Foreword

    Thinking of that there is a lot of complexity regarding social problem we have among the people in Lombok such as poverty, disability, dependency on drugs consumption among the young generation in the many villages, therefore we are the Institution for Social Care Lembaga Kesejahteraan Sosial (LKS) Harpan Baru here to help the people to solve the problem. The easiest thing to do is delivering donation to the poor families, the orphans and to the aged. Giving assistance to those young generation that have problem with drugs dependency or even with other teenager problems. Renovating the very simple and unhealthy unhygiene houses to give a healthier life to local poor families. We do give assistance to those who have small businesses by giving them soft loan to develop their businesses. Educating them for a better way doing business according to the modern business system. Supporting the government to educate people on formal and informal way, maintaining the health of the aged and many other people friendly activities. 

Due to a huge number of people with social problem that need our cares and attention we try to take care of them supported by other charity institutions and individual from around the world and by the Indonesian government.

  1. Goals

Giving more hope and a better quality of life to the poor families, orphans and the aged. Giving a prosperious life to everybody.


  1.  Target

Our main target for our activity are:

  • The poor families, orphans and the aged

  • People with social problem

  1. Our activity will be done following: 

  1. Constitution No.11  year 2009  about social prosperity

  2. Operational license  ( S I O P )  from Head of Social Sevices East Lombok Regency: No.  .......... Date ,,,,,,, Year .......

  1.  Our Vision  and Mission


V I S I O N :

Owning an Istitution who give a high quality of social services the people that really care about the poor families, orphans and the aged which is allowed by God.



  1. Giving an appropriate services for social prosperity.

  2. Giving more understanding about Islam teachings.

  3. Organizing education classes to raise the economic capability of the folks.

  4. Introducing a good habit of sharing with other people.

  5. Providing a good facility for social activity and education.

  6. Caring about social health.

  7. Raising the quality of human capability by giving them formal and informal education.


  1. Office

    This instituion for social cares (Lembaga Kesejateraan Sosial - LKS - Harpan Baru)  is located in Dusun Timba Timuk Desa Teros, Kecamatan Labuhan Haji Easttern Lombok Regency.

  1. Our assignment and function:

    1. Together with the government providing the chance to do business activity for charity for social prosperity. 

    2. Giving away food packages for the poors, the orphans and the aged  

    3. Registering the jobless and provide/find jobs for them effectively and efficient.

    4. Finding and providing all datas about of the poors, the orphans, the aged and jobless young people.

  1. Closing

Those are the informations about our vision and mission, the thing we are going to do with our institution to be more care about humanity and prosperious life of the local people.

      Institution for social cares LKS) “ Harpan Baru ”

            Chairman,                                              Secretary,


     H. ILHAM SAR’I                                    ARDIAN  FITHRIADI









  3. MARUHUN, S.Pd., M.Ak.



      Organization Structure:

  1. Chairmann             : H. ILHAM SYAR’I

  2. Secretary               : ARDIAN FITHRIADI

  3. Treasurer               : AZHARI

       Departments     :

   Human Relation and Relation to other institution 

  1. Sukman

  2. Suhaemi, S.Pd

  3. H. Musriadi

  4. Bq. Nova Ayu Atmajayanti

  5. Aspari Efendi

  6. Yudi Aulia Rahman

  7. Jarkasir

  Public Services:

  1. Husriati

  2. Jumaiyah

  3. Haderiah

  4. Muh. Amin

  5. Julpan Rahmadi

  6. Marzukin

  7. Husni Fahmi

  Data collector:

  1. Hairul Anwar

  2. Muhammad Supiandi

  3. Herman

  4. Haerul Rahman

  5. Febriana Oktaviana

  6. Tafsir

  7. Sulaiman

  8. Yudi Hariono

  9. Kamarudin

  10. Erni Julaeni

  11. Rohyatul Farhiah


  Education and Training :

  1. Hamidi, S.Pd

  2. Masrun, S.Pd

  3. Mu. Taufik Hidayatullah

  4. Suhaemi

  5. Ardian Syar’i

  6. Nispiatul Laili

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Desa Teros, Kec Labuhan Haji, Kab Lombok Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). 83612


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