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How to help

By sending your donations to us means you are participating on giving them new hope in their life and future. There are some ways to become part of our mission such as sending us your fund by bank transfers, Paypals or bring your cash dirct to our base camp in our adresse in Desa Teros, East Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat.

Our mission

Giving the poor people, the orphans and the ageds a new spirit of life so that they would understand that they are not alone. Participating in many goverment programs to provide foods and hope for the people of Indonesia in general and specially for poor families in Lombok. 

Our goals
The poor people can live in a normal way, having enough food to eat and the children are having same chance to live and higher education. The ageds aren't worry about their life because they have enough for food to eat and clothes to wear. The orphans can live and be educated till university grade. We hope in the future we can finance all those activities from our own business mentioned in the other page of this site.


Latest action

Delivering 50 packages of food consists of 50 kg rice, 2 litres frying oil, 2 kg sugar each to the poor families and the aged in Desa Teros which were enthusiastically received by the people. We plan to do more actions of this kind for more people in more villages.